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Disney Trip Meeting Review!

Thank you for your interest in attending our trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando from April19-23! Please download and review the file attached below, and please thoroughly read this entire page if you plan to attend this trip.

Disney Trip Information Packet
Download PDF • 949KB

General Information:

Please review the attached packets and information to see details of our tentative schedule, prices, inclusions, etc. We will be performing a parade, and we are playing "You'll be in my Heart" available in the stand tune packet on our website. There will be a separate $50 fee paid through the school to cover three t-shirts and a cinch bag for all students.

Registration (DUE BY SEPTEMBER 1st!):

The packet gives information about how to pay and register for the trip online. Registration and payments are made at The code to access our page is: BROOKWOODHSBANDORLANDO2024. We will not be taking payments for this trip through the school EXCEPT for fundraisers. We can credit your account with any fundraiser money turned in. Please note, that when you turn in fundraisers, you must specify if you want your credit to be towards your Disney trip. Please also remember, that some of our fundraisers are made specifically for fees. READ THROUGH THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE YOU REGISTER.

The website will NOT allow you to register until you fill out the contracts and medical forms available on the American Travel consulting website. You will be given the option to select quad, triple, double, or single occupancy for a room. Unless you want your student to room with you, please select QUAD for your students, so they may room with their friends. Room assignments will be made later. Please also remember that there is a possibility of a slight price increase. This will only happen if we have between 55 and 80 attendees, because we will need to cover the cost of a second bus. If we have more than 80, or less than 55, the price will not change. All adults that come on the trip will act as a chaperone. The website will also ask you to select an option for travel insurance. This is optional but HIGHLY recommended. Registration & the initial deposit is due no later than September 1st!

Chaperone Eligibility:

Be advised that ALL adults booking through the band will be expected to act as a chaperone. Your duties include, but are not limited to: Managing a group of students, making sure they have any and all medical issues taken care of, making sure students are prepared and on time to all group events, reporting to Mr. Ardovino on any disciplinary issues, helping with equipment, etc. We will have a meeting after registration has been completed to discuss your jobs in detail.

We are only accepting adults who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be related to, or the legal guardian of one of our band students.

  • Must be on the checkout list of the related student (see above).

  • Be able to pass our school's background check (see below).

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, ALL chaperones must pass a background check. There is a link to start you background check on the Brookwood High School Website: Just scroll down on the home page and click the link. DO THIS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. TCSS faculty are also eligible to attend as a chaperone. If you have a question about the background checks, please contact TCSS Human Resources.


Any and ALL refunds are done through American Travel Consulting and their insurance program.

If you make payments and then do not pass your background check, we are NOT responsible for returning your money to you.

If your student is suspended before trip, they will be disallowed from attending and we are NOT responsible for returning your money to you.

If your student is removed from band due to accumulation of 10 demerits, or any other applicable reason, they will be disallowed from attending and we are NOT responsible for returning your money to you.

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