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Bus riders:

Call time is 4:30 at the school. Departure is 5:30! Bring your crimson star shirt, shorts, dinkles, socks, and your Crimson star band masks!

Car riders:

Call time is 6:20 at Tuscaloosa County High School. Come early, if you are late, you will not march, and per the band handbook, you will receive two demerits. I need a message from your parent stating that you have their permission to travel. You must also check in with me upon arrival and departure! Make sure you bring your shirt, shorts, dinkles, socks, and crimson star band masks! COME IN UNIFORM, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE ON-SITE! If you do not have your uniform, come to BHS at 4:30 or earlier to get it. You will enter the stadium from the visitor side entrance.

Spectator Parking:

1. Tuscaloosa County High School, 12500 Wildcat Drive, Northport, AL

2. Signs and TCHS band parents will be on site to help direct spectators to the high school parking lots. Spectators will enter stadium through the main home side entrance.

3. There will be a $5 admission fee for spectators.

COVID Protocols:

1. Temperatures will be taken at the door

2. Spectators: Masks required on at all times (unless eating)

3. Band members: Masks required at all times (until on field and about to perform)

4. 6ft markers will be set throughout the entire stadium

5. Bathrooms will be disinfected on a rotational system (every 10 or 15 minutes)

Band Seating:

Bands will be seated in predetermined sections on the HOME side so as to give the students an opportunity to see their fellow TCSS band peers. Students will be spaced 6 ft a part. TCHS band parents and student leadership team will help direct bands to their designated locations.


TCHS band parents will deliver preordered food and shirts to respective bands seating area. Additional drinks and packaged food will be sold during the event.

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