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Gulf Shores Meeting Recap

All parents who are Checking out their student after the game must fill out the attached form. Please only fill out the first half, listed under "signature 1". The "signature 2" section will be filled out at the game. These "half completed" forms must be turned in by Monday, August 21, and you will receive them back at the end of the game to sign upon check-out. The person picking up your child MUST be registered in the school system to check-out your child or we will NOT be able to give them to you.


Check-out Form
Download PDF • 71KB

The tentative agenda for the night is listed below as well, remember that these times are subject to change.

Crimson Star Gulf Shores Game Tentative Agenda
Download PDF • 68KB

Additionally, band fee payment #2 was due on Monday, please do not delay to turn those in! If you need to speak to Mr. Ardovino about them, please message him at

Lastly, remember that per the rules stated in our band handbook, students who do not pass off their music or routines will not be allowed to perform in the games. This includes the Gulf Shores game, and we are not offering refunds to students who are not allowed to march. Students must take responsibility to learn their parts!

If you have any further questions, email Mr. Ardovino at

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