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Marching band last call for forms!

Parents and students, today is the last day you can turn in forms for marching band!

Once again, forms are available on the website under the forms tab:


The dates for band camp are available on the calendar, listed on the home page. As always, band camp is the last 2 weeks of July, the 18th through the 29th, weekdays only from 8AM to 5PM.

Rookie camp is required for all newcomers, July 14th & 15th from 8AM to 12PM.

If you are renting an instrument, email me to discuss a time to pick it up. This includes percussion equipment.

The following names are students who have turned in forms and/or contacted us. If your name is not on the list, you MUST turn in your forms today or you will NOT be allowed to participate! If you have turned in your forms and your name is not on the list, please send me an email!


Abston, Colton

Ainsworth, Emily

Balenger, Talan

Ball, Makiyah

Bartolome, Allie

Bell, Mackenzie

Bell, Madison

Blazer, Brooke

Boyd, Rylee

Carranza, Cynthia

Cash, Jay

Colo, Bree

Crumpton, Connor

Diego, Michelle

Dockler, Emily

Egan, Owen

Everett, Wesley

Graham, Noah

Grubb, Walker

Hancock, Daniel

Heptinstall, Rayna

Hubbard, Brennan

Isaacs, Shane

Johnson, Gin

Johnson, Isabella

Johnson, Lily

Johnston, Tyler

Kennedy, Julia

Kizziah, Mitchell

Lagrone, Drew

Lanphere, Alex

Mills, Naomi

Morris, Peyton

Munoz, Gina

Nelson, Abigail

O'Bryant, Brayden

Olin, Justin

Parker, Cole

Quimby, Patricia

Richardson, Zoey

Roper, Grayson

Russell, Andre

Scott, Cynthia

Shaffield, Logan

Shelton, Allison

Shelton, Grace

Short, Kaylee

Simpson, Kylie

Skinner, Gracie

Smith, Kendall

Vansant, Sophia

Waldrep, Alex

Ward, Chase

White, Ace

White, Emilee

Wilcox, David


Barbin, Abigail

Brewer, Ivy

Cain, Madisyn

Coley, Cadence

Colson, Rowan

Crawford, Bridget

George, Jayden

Hitt, Maddie

Hodo, Kenzie

Howell, Fallon

Hubbard, Breanna

Jaggers, Katie

Jarvis, Shaylee

Jennings, Madyson

Johnson, Alyssa

Kaylor, Macy

King, Emily

Kost, Kaylie

Mayhew, Aubrey

McCain, Madisyn

Norris, Racheal

Ogletree, Victoria

Pardue, Grace

Sale, Olivia

Salzman, Gabbie

Sides, Evelyn

Simmons, Hailey

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