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We are officially one week away from Rookie Camp! Please thoroughly read the following info:

REMIND 101: All students and parents must add themselves to remind 101 for this year EVEN IF YOU ARE ON REMIND FROM LAST YEAR. Instructions are below:

Parents: Text @csbp2023 to 81010

Students: Text @csbs2023 to 81010

Do this ASAP so you can receive important updates and information!

Rookie Camp/Percussion Camp: Thursday, July 13 and Friday, July 14 from 8:00 to 12:00. This is absolutely MANDATORY for all new members (even if you are not a freshman) and ALL percussionists. Visual ensemble members do NOT need to attend rookie camp.

Please review the band handbook for our disciplinary and attendance policies:

Upcoming dates (More dates will be added soon):

- Rookie/Percussion Camp 7/13-14

- Band Camp 7/17-28

- Picture Day 7/22

- Drum Corps International, Trussville 7/28 (Optional but HIGHLY encouraged! More info below)

- Crimson Cavalcade of Bands 9/19

- Pride of the Valley Marching Competition 9/30

- Hewitt Trussville Marching Invitational 10/14

- Tentative Spring Trip 4/17-21 2024

Drum Corps International:

For those who don't know, Drum Corps International (DCI) is essentially a competition for highly skilled professional Marching ensembles. Put simply, imagine the NFL but for marching band. If you still don't get it, go on youtube and search "DCI Performances" and you will find some cool stuff. One of their performance dates falls on the last day of our band camp at 7:30 at night.

If this is something that interests you (as it should), you're in luck! I have secured reserved seats for BHS students and parents to sit together in the stands AND get a group discount! Also, if you show me proof of your ticket purchase, you will be allowed early dismissal from indoor band rehearsal on 7/28. Currently I have 50 seats reserved, but I can get more if needed!

Click the following link and use the code brook23 to secure your tickets: Brookwood High School Group Block

Deadline for purchase with the school discount is 7/21.

This is NOT a field trip! We will NOT be providing transportation, and we will NOT be ordering your tickets for you! DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR YOUR TICKETS TO THE SCHOOL. The only thing we are providing is the discount if you click the link! The band director, teachers, school, and the band assumes NO responsibility for you or your child if you attend this event.

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