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Universal Studios Trip: Update 11/17/22

Good afternoon! Please thoroughly read this brief message regarding a few changes to our trip:

Please check to make sure you have filled out ALL required information on the website: Many people have still not completed their registration.

Additionally, there is a change to our schedule and price. Due to scheduling conflicts, we will not be able to perform at Universal Studios as originally planned (we are still going to the parks). Instead, we will be performing at SeaWorld Orlando on Sunday morning, April 2nd, and then all attendees will be able to ride the rides in SeaWorld and attend the attractions for several hours before we depart for home. This will, unfortunately, result in a price increase of $65 per person. This decision was not made without careful consideration and was ultimately unavoidable. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Once again, this does NOT affect the rest of our trip, it will still be March 30 - April 2, and we will still be going to Universal Studios! It just puts us getting home later on Sunday, and increases the price.

Thank you all for understanding, and I know our students especially will have fun at SeaWorld in addition to Universal Studios Orlando!

- Rick Ardovino

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