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UPDATE 09/01: Message from the Band Director

To start off, I cannot overstate how proud I am of their field performance on Friday night. And I look forward to showing all of you the rest of the show.

That being said, I would like to address the current state of the band. I can assure you that our school and band program is taking every precaution possible to ensure that no more students can be exposed.

During games, practices, and performances, your children are placed as strategically as physically possible to mitigate the spread if someone should be exposed. Additionally, all chairs in the band room are placed more than 6 feet apart, and masks are required when not playing. All chairs, stands, and equipment are sprayed with heavy-duty disinfectant spray between each class period and sometimes more often than that. Additionally, I have ordered an air filter that is able to clean out the air in the band room every 15 minutes. We have also placed an order for instrumentalist face masks, that will allow our students to keep their masks on even while playing their instruments.

Regarding future practices, I want to start by saying that we had a very good rehearsal today. Movement 3 of our show is "A Whole New World," and I absolutely cannot wait to show all of you how they sound on it! However, despite our successful rehearsal today, I have decided to cancel our after school practices for the rest of the week and I have also decided to cancel the parent showcase as well. We will pick up again next week!

Lastly, I want to remind all parents and students that attendance is not mandatory this year. It is, of course, extremely important that everyone learns their music, their drill, and is substantially ready to perform, but I will not force parents to send their students if they are not comfortable doing so. However, I ask that all parents please let me know if their child will not be attending on a particular day, so that I can keep track of my students for that day. Per the rules in our band handbook, all students who wish to perform during games and performances are expected to pass off the material before they are allowed on the field for performance. This means they must play it for me from memory, or they will not be permitted to perform. For unlearned drill, they must be caught up and approved before they can perform. I can not allow someone to perform if they do not know how. For quarantined students, pass-offs can be sent to me via video audition.

This is a tough year, and I have received praise after praise about your children for their performance. People love the show, people love the band and other schools are impressed at how well we have made the most of a bad situation. I am so proud to be the Crimson Star band director!

Rick Ardovino

Director of Bands

Important takeaways:

- Practice is canceled for the rest of this week

- Parent showcase this Friday is canceled

- Remember that practice is not mandatory, but please email me if not attending on a particular day

- Pass-offs and learned drill are required to perform

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